Sunday, May 8, 2011

Happy Hallmark Holiday

Mother's Day is just another Hallmark excuse of a holiday...not that I hate it or anything it's just silly that we as a society have created a day in which we celebrate Moms. Are we really that forgetful and unthankful? I mean it's a great idea because Mom's do a heck of a lot but I'm just saying. Then we have Father's Day, Valentine's Day, Grandparent's Day....Secretary's Day?! Good grief. How's about we just appreciate the people that help us and that we love every day or is that too much to ask of these days?

Anyways, I decided while on twitter today to send Giada De Laurentiis a little tweet wishing her a Happy Mom's Day and if she could wish my mom the same (who has been a HUGE fan forever). And she did!

Cool right? My mom actually thought this was her Mother's Day gift. AWESOME! Thanks Giada, for making me seem that the best daughter in the world (there's no Daughter's stupid). 

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