Thursday, May 19, 2011

East Sides...I'm Through With You

For a good year East Side Mario's has been my restaurant of choice. I go there at home, at school, with family, boyfriend, friends. Whoever, whenever, whatever! I always pick East Sides, no matter what. The bread and garden salad swooped me off my feet and I fell in love at first bite. I even had my first legal drink (some berry concoction if I remember). After a year long relationship and experimenting with different drinks (cue Cotton Candy Cosmo for all the sugar lovers out there) I have come to be a little pissed and disgusted with the franchise.

Not only are they constantly changing there menus...which I guess isn't necessarily a bad thing if your into change but when your in such a strong relationship with something do you really want change all the time?! For me, too much is not always good. Anyways, Ryan and I went to have some lunch there today, our first time in longer than I usually like, to find that the portions are much smaller and the prices WAY pricier! For the price we paid for that lunch we could have gone to a nice restaurant somewhere downtown AND gotten drinks. The appetizer we split was the same amount as my meal, neither of which were fabulous.

Just to get to the point, I'm breaking up with East Sides. My loyalty and effort just hasn't made a difference and I feel it is just slipping away, not really keeping my wants and needs in mind anymore. Thanks for the times, it was definitely you and not me though.

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