Monday, May 30, 2011


Today is my OFFICIAL last day of summer or "freedom" for lack of a better word, before I start my job. And how did I spend this glorious day you ask? Volunteering at an elementary school track and field meet at the university's stadium. Now that sounds pretty fantastic if you know that I've been a camp counsellor the past three years and spend a lot of time around kids. But then keep in mind that I was outside from 9-4 in the most hotest day of the summer yet. As a redhead, some of you may understand that I was required to lather up THREE times today. Even after all that I ended up with a small burn on my neck, left hand and an awful farmers tan on my arms. The worst thing about that is it ruins my summer wardrobe staples of dresses and tank tops. But I guess that's alright....since I DO start work tomorrow! Perfect timing.

At least I didn't get my usual yearly burn, maybe I'm actually starting to learn something about being a redhead.

As long as I don't look like this:

Or this either...

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