Friday, April 22, 2011

Summer and Shoes

Although I am not "officially" home yet (still need to move out out of 2nd year house and into much better 3rd year house) but summer has officially begun for me! A perfect timing for Easter weekend and seeing family and friends. I am now half way done my undergraduate old and will be celebrating my TWENTIETH birthday in two months! I will no longer be a teeny-bopper (although I'm not sure I ever really was) but scary none the less!

I am currently watching Say Yes to the Dress: Princess Bride special. Although it's pretty awful, it's great to critique each dress and compare people to famous people/characters based on looks. For example, Mom just compared a grandmother's face to the face of The Joker from Batman. (We aren't superficial, I swear).

And a final note, these are the tattoo-friendly shoes I got from ALDO yesterday to end my second year! I'm planning on buying them in black as well.

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