Wednesday, April 27, 2011

GW Boutique

The plan for today is to sort through the monster of my closet and send over the rarely used, out of date, grown out of clothing over to the wonderful GW Boutique (that's Good Will for all you non pre-owned fashion savvy people out there).

I got four boxes full but have quite a bit more of the wardrobe to get through. And I would take a picture but I don't want anyone to see our crazy living room right now...I'm in that diaspora stage yet again. So it will take a few days to organize myself but hopefully this wardrobe sifting will help out. I will have to head back to Guelph probably two more times to get the rest of my stuff that I apparently managed to squeeze into my tiny room (tinier than my residence room if you can believe that).

And a quick side note, in my very large collection of sweaters I found one that I've always loved from Gap Kids...and it still fits me! YES! I can manage to still squeeze this body into kids clothing but I still put it in the GW pile as I clearly have not worn it in forever and therefore won't be wearing it in the future.

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