Saturday, April 23, 2011

Easter Weekend

Today I went for one of these which was pretty short but at least I got moving.

I then ran some of these with the Mom.

I then enjoyed an amazing of this with Mom, Dad, the brother and the boyfriend.

We discussed this, this and this.

After, I treated my Dad to a game of this. (He won all the rounds).

Now, we are currently watching the good vs. evil game 5 this.

The boyfriend is pretty much this and I've been this all night.


  1. fave post so far. i clicked all the links lol

  2. Thanks for being asleep while we were playing Rummy Cubes!

  3. Dominique: I'll have to admit I found the idea from another blog but it was fun!

    Dad: I'm sorry :( But at least we still got two rounds in

  4. NO NO thanks for not paying attention so I could win :)