Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Relaxing Night...

That shouldn't be relaxing at all.

I've got a presentation next week that I need to be prepared for. A lab tomorrow. Interviews tomorrow and Thursday. A midterm next week. 2 assignments due next week. And I'm not stressed? It's probably the strangest feeling ever since usually when there is little to stress about I am stressed. Perhaps it's evolutionary theory...or something?

Is it just me or are people my aged obsessed with going to raves and whatever these DJ events are? I feel like Manny on Modern Family, like I'm too old for my own good. I have no interest in these "parties" and as proven this past weekend, would much rather have the house all to myself and get a wonderful sleep then get sweaty and sick and sleep all day. Well actually I wouldn't mind sleeping all day.

You know what's a little saddening? I was just thinking to myself "I should really start something exciting on my blog like......cooking an entire recipe book and bloging about it? Or...something else?" When I realized the whole point of this is for me to convey my crazy college days and I totally forget the novel feeling of being in university, I just feel way too old today!


  1. OMG... you are turning into me... that was how I felt when I was younger.... so sorry... Dad