Tuesday, March 29, 2011

It's One of THOSE Days

Today is for sure one of "those" days. One of those days where in the mere first hour of your day so many things go wrong that just make you want to hate the world. I'll make a list for you:

1. Woke up and took a inconceivable amount of time to get dressed
2. Just caught the bus
3. Got pushed and dropped mug
4. Spotted the jerk from the library the day before and gave him the stink eye for the majoirty of the ride (story on this issue below)
5. Bought a bagel...dropped it on the ground...still ate it
6. Apparently forgot textbook at home

So clearly, this are not REALLY catastrophic tribulations but it's just those little things that get you frustrated. By the end of it all, it's just a very laughable time.

Back to the jerk from the library last night. I was cozying up in my little cubicle and writing a paper, slowly but surely. I decided to head down a floor and as soon as I got there people were leaving from a glorious large, nicely placed table next to a plug, so I grabbed it. I put ALL my stuff down, my bag, coat, scarf, laptop, articles, books, headphones, etc. and went to tell the friends about my magnificent find. When we returned we managed to find five jerks who sat down and shoved all of my stuff over. CLEARLY I was going to be sitting there with all that stuff on top of the table, what if I was just in the bathroom? We moved my stuff (with no help from the jerks) and left, with a few mentions of how rude they were. I then realized that only real nerds get this pissed off about people stealing spots in a library.

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  1. Ok time for reflection. 1. You alway take too much time to get dressed which is direct lead into just making the bus. As for the library jerk... call them out next time rudeness needs to be stomped out So you had a bad start... get over it and have a better ending