Sunday, March 27, 2011

Hot Hot Baby Tonight

I've been having a really busy two weeks-month time lately so my roommate and I decided to let loose a tiny bit and go to funk night last night. But I knew something was wrong when we went over to our friends prior and I was FREEEEZING cold. So cold I was covering myself with a blanket up to my eyes. We then headed downtown for FUNK night, in the midst of some even more freezing weather. And now as I awake I feel feverish, stuffy, and sore throaty, of course this would happen. Because I was supposed to give a tour to my little high school potential friends but not only am I feeling completely under the weather, but my presences is expected at 9:15 am....buses don't start on Sundays until 9:45 am. A little tricky for even the time-space continuum to fix.

So instead I am going to put on some very large, warm clothing and start a paper. My last paper of the year!

In other news regarding said involvement endeavours I will be beginning two very interesting positions in the Fall of 2011 (can't believe this will be my third Fall semester already!). I will be a Peer Helper in the Judicial Office unit as well as Vice President of Academics on the Bachelor of Arts and Science Student Association. You have no idea how excited I am about these positions! And you all should be too, hopefully this means some great stories for next year!

The Dress me and Mom picked out yesterday--love it!


  1. How was Funk night?! I kinda wanted to go but didn't feel good.

  2. It was alright, wasn't really dressed know the hipster scene. I would love to go in my hipster attire though!

  3. what the heck is funk night? please get better soon. and that dress looks super cute! where'd ya get it?

  4. Dommie, Funk Night is disco-esque music at the Albion on Saturday nights! And the dress is from DYNOMIIIGHT