Wednesday, March 9, 2011


One of the most greatest feelings in the world is thinking about your future (both immediate and not so immediate) and actually feeling excited about it!

As some of you may very well know and some of you perhaps no so much, I am a stickler for everything: my academics, my extracurriculars, timing, dress, everything. I am constantly nittering around with my class schedule and degree program seeing what I should and should not be taking. It came to my attention last night that changing my minor to a slightly different one would allow for the better change at a higher GPA. I realized that I was trying too hard to convince myself and others that I could do something just for the sake of saying I could do it. But is it realistic for what I want to accomplish in life? Not so much.

So it's really nice to know when planning out my life as I say, that I feel excited and happy about these course selections. Great end to a VERY busy day. Let me tell you about it:

6:30 Wake Up
7:50 Leave House
8:30 Class
9:30 Judicial Interview
10:30-12:30 Work
12:30 Group Project Meeting
1:30 Class
2:30-6:00 Lab
6:30 Walk Home in wet, hail, windy, snow storm

As you may have noticed, there was no break for food, water, bathroom, any of the necessities. But I loved every second of today. I haven't been this busy in awhile and I completely enjoyed it and I look forward to next year when hopefully most days are this crazy!

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