Sunday, March 6, 2011

And We Thought It was Spring...

For a second there, the snow was all gone and then BANG about 3 inches of it are back. And I thought, why not start writing again (this seems to be a major theme in this blog).

As for school life, it's good yet tough. This upcoming week is a slight break from major midterms and assignments but should potentially be used to prepare for the last stretch of the semester. Only 1 midterm, 2 papers, 4 quizzes, 3 assignments, 2 online discussions, 2 labs, 1 lab exam, 1 presentation and 4 exams left.

Life is pretty dull right now. Nothing exciting happening or about to happen so it's hard to have the drive right now. It's there but not at it's heightened peak.

Things to look forward to hearing from me and my adventures in this blog:
  • 2 interviews this week for job/volunteer positions with the school
  • Getting my first car
  • Helping organize, invite, promote, etc. my department's yearly banquet
  • Giving tours of my campus
  • My awesome summer job as a summer camp Coordinator!

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