Tuesday, October 19, 2010

There is No "Autumn" in University

I found an interesting view on university life somewhere on the internet. It said that there is no season of "Autumn" in university. There are three different seasons that together make up the period of this so called "Autumn": midterms, term papers, and studying. Then there is Winter...final essays, finals and major studying.

I've moved on to the papers portion of Autumn. I currently have at least three papers on the works and a few labs. Craziness. I spend a lot of time at the library now, well more than usual. But what saddens me is finals. How the heck am I going to walk home at midnight in winter?! It's going to be freezing cold. Brrr, depressing just to think about.

School is going great though, most of my midterms went very well! One in stats, I was a little pissy about and had no problem telling the prof, so I guess we will see how that one goes. Haven't gotten back the mark yet. Everything seems to be coming together though, life is awesome and can't help being happy!

Just as I went to bed so happily last night I woke up and found my class at the end of my first class looking in my bag to see that I had forgotten my small assignment for the second class. FREAKOUT MODE! Thank goodness I had my laptop with me. I needed to buy a print card from this machine so I could use the library printers. It only accepts actual loonies to pay for the card so then I had to get change for quarters and dimes. After that I had to put more money on to the card so I had credit, the only thing I had was $10 so there went my lunch money. THEN I had to connect to the internet (10 minutes on this stupid PC!), recover my assignment because I didn't save it and then send it to myself. Go on a library computer, open the attachment and print it. Then go to one of the printing computers, insert my print card, AND then print and run to class. But everything is good! Just like it always is.


  1. Your blog makes me smile and makes me miss college :)

  2. YAY perfect, I'm never going to leave!

  3. I better plant another money tree then!