Tuesday, October 5, 2010


I am currently sitting in class, a pretty useless class. We are discussing if altruism is an adaptive behavior or an instinctive behavior. But I'm sitting here thinking to myself, there is no way you can ever really know unless you take a newborn baby and isolate it from the entire world. Because no matter who you are raised by nice people, murders, drug addicts, wolves, you are going to receive an outlook of experience and learn from that. You will learn through observations or direct verbal telling of how to conduct yourself. So are humans really as great as we think they are? Probably not. Maybe yes and maybe no.

Even in university classes you can't really get notes from someone else unless you provide them with something useful, like giving other notes or midterms or something else useful in the course. (I missed a class yesterday and it's a struggle to get notes).

That's my university academic rant of the day.

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