Monday, September 13, 2010

TV Time

I'm doing laundry right now, ohhhh my goodness! This is real life now! Classes are already busy and I have so many quizzes, assignments, projects, etc that after the third day of class I already don't know where to start. I also managed to buy the wrong textbook from a friend today so I'm a little perturbed about that.

Chemistry, which I thought was some how going to be not so awful, is of course already awful. It's not so bad, just very quick paced. Italian has left my life officially today and I handed my textbook, tests and midterms to a new Italian lover by the name of Alice. I hope they bring her everything she hopes for in her relationship with Italian as it did for me.

I managed to get a job interview within the University. I'm very excited for it and am actually anticipating it! I hope it goes well and I know everything I can possibly know.

I took the bus this past weekend to the bank, overall the bus sucks. Takes way too long, requires way too much waiting and not enough exercise. But as I do have an interview tomorrow I may after all need to transport by bus in my interview wardrobe. I don't know what you call a win-lose situation but that is one.

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  1. Ahhh! I just love your blog DD. It makes me miss college so much. Plus it makes me wanna ride my bike more often! Though I'm sure the streets of Guelph aren't half as busy and dangerous as the streets of Hollywood. YIKES! Keep writing girl! Love you miss you!