Monday, September 20, 2010

Take That Zehr's

So I've been having very good mornings at university this year, but different than last. I used to have a huge habit of sleeping in until about 15 minutes before class and hurrying down to class, forgetting a bunch of needed things, like pens, pencils, lecture notes maybe even a laptop. But this year, I wake up with hours to spare. Having time for meaningless things like breakfast! And even checking the weather, perhaps washing a dish or two.

Changed my bed sheets today and did some laundry. And by some laundry I mean three loads, is that a lot for one person? Sure feels like a lot. School is still going well but I've been sick lately. Just a really bad cough and just sick feeling.

My milk went mysteriously bad tonight...It was perfectly fine this morning when I had cereal and my roommate's milk is fine. The expiry date is September 29th so I was a little flustered, more because I had consumed some and have had bad experiences in the past with bad milk. So I'm sitting in the living room complaining about my milk situation and my roommate, Alyson said I should call and complain. But I'm definitely not the complaining time, and I hate talking to anyone having to do with customer service. When I was younger I even hating calling for pizza delivery (don't ask). But I suck it up, thought like my mother and called the store. I explained the situation and they told me to bring in the receipt or the carton of milk and they will replace it. FREE MILK! You cannot believe how amazing this is in the life of a student, it's pretty much the highlight of my day, perhaps my week!

My only dilemma? How am I going to get that carton of disgusting milk to the grocery store?

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