Thursday, September 30, 2010

Sorry Mom and Dad but...

....I'm planning my semester abroad. Just started the entire process today (even though I've been researching schools for months now). The plan would be to go not this January but the next, January 2012. Good news about the exchange program I want to do?! I am still a Guelph student and pay Guelph fees which then would make sense for me to still be receiving OSAP! YES!

My favourite spot right now is somewhere in the UK. I've really been looking at Keele University and just received a Keele Book today from the International Programs Office, it's my new favourite love. It's just pretty much perfect, neuroscience and everything!

What does this mean even further? I may take summer school again, but is that a bad thing? Heck no! Whenever in my life have I ever hated school...never. I just can't get enough of it! (I'm well aware I may change my mind after I'm done my undergrad). And has I'm eavesdropping right now at my work (which is right beside International Programs) there is a Study Abroad "fun cool day" on October 15th. How exciting?!

See you later England. (Or Scotland)


  1. How exciting ... but I thought "Toms" U was in LA? Seriously what a Fantastic idea. Go for it!!

  2. That's great D! I never got a chance to study abroad so since you have this opportunity- run with it!

    PS: My family is planning on coming to London just after Christmas, you going to be around?

  3. As to my knowledge at the moment I will be! We should really see each other this time!