Wednesday, September 8, 2010



I just got back home from a very chilly bike ride so I'm just pumping with endorphins and ready to write!

I moved into my new place this past Sunday with the help of my ENTIRE family (this includes BEN!). It didn't too long at all and was actually quite fun putting everything together and watching Mom do her thing. We had a nice dinner together, laughs and good artichoke dip! That night I went to the annual Pep Rally where every residence puts together a LARGE scale boogie (think 600 or so people). Since we weren't lucky enough to be first years again some of us ran onto the field and did the boogies with other residences! Rebel, I know.

Throughout the week I have just been hanging out with my Guelph family and enjoying every minute of it. From walks in forests to climbing child playgrounds to playing Halo, oh how I've missed this!

The bike ride to campus takes me about 15 minutes so not bad at all. Although coming back home is all down hill and way easier, it should be the other way around! Especially for my 8:30 classes!

Went to campus today to buy a textbook off of someone and ran into two friends from high school, Patrick and Mitchele! What a coincidence all three of us would be in the same place at the same time. It was great catching up (and pretending to be an older sister) haha. Guelph this year is even more amazing than the last. I bike through campus and see friends and get waves and hellos, it has never been so welcoming and happy. Even on a cold rainy day. Even the stranger I bought my textbook from couldn't say good luck any more times!

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