Sunday, July 11, 2010


Remember when I said I was going to have so much more time to post nowadays?! WRONG. Camp life has begun and if I'm not at camp all day you can find me sleeping. My day honestly consists of having fun, playing games, disciplining and getting home around 5:45 pm and sleeping til 8 or 9 having a small dinner then hitting the bed again at 10. It's the life I tell ya.

Summer has been great so far...well as great as it can be. Home is much much different from being back at my new home in Guelph. But I have been dealing. My courses are going just swimmingly! I can not even believe how well! Note to self: online courses are fabulous!

Right now I feel like technology is consuming my life! I've got my blog, twitter, facebook, phone, etc. What do any of you think of having a Tumblr account? Thoughts?!

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  1. tumblr is great for small stuff that you think of absentmindedly, and for posting photos, quotes, funny dialogues etc etc.

    you can import twitter into it too!