Monday, April 5, 2010

German Friends

Sitting in the science atrium at the moment, working on a HUGE German presentation for tomorrow with some German friends. We've been here for about two hours and have gone off topic at least 36 times. I'm so hungry that almost every German word somehow reminds me of food.

After this, straight to an IHC board meeting in East residence. It's going to be a long one indeed, constitutional amendment on the way.

But this week is looking great. Last week of class. It seems way too strange to be. I definitely haven't posted enough. I've missed filling you all in with tons of events this semester! That includes formal, midterm stress, crazy TAs, council madness, new places, trips to downtown, falling down on the icy campus, arguments, just too much. This is why all postings from now on will be in FULL detail. Including the fact that a member of my German group's name is Eric, and could be great friends with Eric Kirk, it's true. Although I don't think he's big on working out. The sense of humor is there though.

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  1. So happy to see you bloging again. It allows the rest of us a chance to easedrop as you go about your life on campus. Keep us in the loop Please.