Friday, April 9, 2010

Busy Bee

As yesterday was my last day of class, I decided to drag my camera around and take a few shots around campus. But first, I woke up to a bathroom full of newspaper. Our shower was stuffed to the ceiling with crumpled papers. But to much surprise, I was not frustrated or upset. I was quite impressed, props to the strangers.

Then the rainy day began with class and Disorientation, which brought free food and coldness. More class, a needed nap and my last official class of university: Anthropology. Useless, but so are a lot of things.

This was followed with a quick dinner, selling table duties, trip to the mall for necessary items of an ABC party (dont worry it was not cliche). We dont like cliche. I wore a blue tablecloth with some shower loufas attached randomly. Pretty decent, the design was produced by three girls in my tower.

Now the last party of the year has been followed with a needed clean up and studying for finals. Everything is slowly drawing to a close but I still dont want to quite think about that yet. Too much time to still enjoy it here. Off to study, really!

Clean up of all the newspaper

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  1. I noticed that in all the pictures of campus people were absent. Are they all in the pub? Just wondering