Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Awkward Sunburns

With our arrival to the sunny state of Florida, the sun began to shine. Apparently until we got there it had been cold and a little rainy for awhile. It was totally the presence of the two of us that brought the awesome weather.

After a night of thunderstorms we awoke to a pretty much cloudless, sunny sky. And then here is where some of the first pains begin. I managed to burn myself in the most weird of ways of my red head life. I'm pretty sure there is a hand print on my stomach, a random patch only on my right arm, and blotch on my right leg.

Almost the best thing about being here is how nice everyone/everything is. For example, the ambulances are called "Sun Star Paramedics". I mean who wouldn't want to ride in a Sun Star ambulance on the brink of death....which almost everyone here is. It's just got a nice ring to it.


  1. post pictures of the ocean/sky/nice weather etc!

  2. I'll try! But I wouldn't be able to put them up till I get home :( on a good note though I'm writing on the iPad...yeee