Sunday, October 25, 2009

Feeling Fresh

My fridge is newly stalked up...thanks dad and clean...thanks dad and my desk is VERY clean. I hung up my picture frame, it almost feels like move in day #2! But more calm. This space is starting to really feel like all mine and just thinking about leaving is as scary as the idea of moving here was.

Thanks to the new groceries I finally get to have tea again! Oh how I've missed it so. Skipping my 9:30 class tomorrow to study (not sleep in) for a midterm in psychology tomorrow. SO MUCH READING. Good heavens, at least it's somewhat interesting.

Won another soccer game tonight, of course! Our team is just too good for this, we should be co-ed varsity. I think I might love school again, maybe.

Friday, October 23, 2009

New Place #3?

I believe it would be the third. THE LIBRARY! Not very exciting, I think they have tried to make it as boring as possible. White walls, books in white bookcases, though there are some red doors. One more class and I get to head home! I really wanted to give my Dad a personalized tour today but it's a little unpleasant outside.

I am pretty sure I DOMINATED my Italian midterm. And I'm not so sure I should have said that here, just in case I didn't dominate. I am under my meal plan budget! Amazing! I may still get to eat in March after all.

Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just got my first midterm back....and I passed! And I will admit that is all I really care about that class. Passing. And that's okay :) Because in the grand scheme of things from 0 being not important and 10 being death of a very close loved one, its about a 2. (Yes I learnt to look at everything like this from a leadership conference I attended last weekend).

Only 3 more midterms to go, and the "I hate school" mentality has now suck in but I'm trying to get rid of it! I've been getting busier with IHC (interhall council) but I kind of like having no free time! Yup. For example I was busy with IHC oriented activities from 5:30 until about 11. It's all good! We get jackets and everything!

Going home tomorrow to get new glasses and you can not understand how excited I am for them. I will be in class looking at a power point and say "Damn, I can't see very clearly. I'll just pull out my glasses and....oh wait nevermind they're snapped in half Harry Potter style."

Saturday, October 17, 2009


I have decided that my blog posts will try to occur more often but of less length.

Today I wrote my first midterm in chemistry and with a class of about 2,000 students, it seemed as if the whole school was waking up this morning preparing to write the same midterm. All the eateries were packed on a Saturday morning. And of course, as a celebration a few friends and I headed to the mall! I was hoping to have a cheap halloween this year, you know with university and everything, but that obviously did not happen. I really wanted to have a unique costume this year; no witches, angels, pirates, anything of that sort.

So I found the best costume of my new favourite movie. I am going to be a Star Trek Vulcan! I've got the uniform, phaser AND ears!!!! I'm pretty excited.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Plague

The Plague has stricken my floor. You know, you think to yourself "all this talk of residence sickness can't happen to me, I never get sick." It's a liar. Your brain is lying to you. I have officially gotten one of the worst coughs of my life and no longer can talk, seriously. I went into my washroom this morning, knowing I felt god darn awful and one of my floormates was in there. So I tried to engage in the usual nice chit chat. Oh wait, no, no freaking voice. I engaged in moans and squeaks instead.

More lighter news, I am officially on my Hall Executive. It is crazy busy, and I'm about to have no life :) Which is always best. My job is pretty good though, I'm in charge of agendas and taking minutes as well as sitting alone behind a desk for an hour everyday selling stuff. Not bad, not bad.
I GOT MY FIRST UNIVERSITY PAPER BACK YESTERDAY!!! OMG! You do not understand. My TA for this class has be known to be a dink. He's working on his pHD in you can already tell what he's like. Rambles on the most craziest stuff and thinks very highly of himself. He spent almost 45 minutes in class yesterday telling us all what we did wrong in our papers. We were told that our class average was a low 70 which "is good for a first year course". Oh bullshit, the other TAs told their classes that a low 70 was their LOWEST MARK. So I'm sitting is this seminar, thinking to myself "Deanna, it's okay, we'll walk out of this door with a 68 and everything will be fine. We will live and learn and university is supposed to mark like your a moron anyways." BUT NO! I get my paper back, turn it over, 85!!!! 85?!?! How the heck did this happen?! I didn't even get an 85 in high school english! That's right high school, you suck. So far from what I have been hearing, that is the highest mark in my class. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? My brain :) Yup.

That is all for now, I swear there was another bad thing but I can not recall it now. Maybe it wasn't really that bad after all.

Thursday, October 1, 2009

Few Additions

I really needed to mention all the wonderful mail I have been receiving. THANK YOU EVERYONE! Honestly everyone on my floor are jealous. I bring up these huge packages and people are staring with that puppy dog look in their eyes, "What does she have that I don't?". Yup, that's what they're thinking.

Here's a picture of some new friends and I at Homecoming.

Another Adventure

I find myself in a brand new space for blogging; the new Science Complex atrium.
Its a nice, place. Makes you feel smart just sitting here. People are either studying alone, studying in huge groups or getting tutored. A few days ago, while I was studying here there seemed to be a scientific meeting the table near me. It was intense! People criticizing each other's work and each other's deadlines, but of course the criticizing was for "their own good".

In my arts and science class we have now turned and are studying Newton. My new favourite scientist. Brilliant and weird. But the perfect balance. Honestly there is so much he has done that the world doesn't know! I mean that apple story? That's not even the beginning. And maybe the DaVinci Code does go a little too far with him, but not in my mind. Brilliant.

This weekend, tomorrow afternoon actually, I am venturing to Ottawa! To see the boyfriend and his probably messy room that I will end up cleaning. (Weird, I know.) But there had been so much pain I have had to endure just to understand busing and train schedules. I even have to take a bus just to get to the freaking bus station! The travel agency place at my school doesn't deal with VIA rail so I had to do that one on my own. I just feel smarter from this travel planning than I do in class.

Speeches for hall council elections were late Tuesday night and I was the last to go. There were actually a group of people that followed me to support me! And they waited through all the speeches before mine. What kind tired university students. Voting is all week and I will officially find out the results next week I do believe. But I'm already involved! Yesterday I attended the first Liberals meeting, short and sweet just like the Liberal way :) We had to introduce ourselves, what program we're in and why we decided to join. I stood up, "Deanna, I'm in Arts and Sciences and I joined because my Dad is Conservative." And sat down. Applause everywhere! I was even deemed to have the best reason to join. What an accomplishment. After that 15 minute meeting, went back to studying and helped out my hall council with ice cream sundaes, fun but messy. Then we made banners for upcoming events until about 1 in the morning. Hello new crazy, busy, super involved university life.