Monday, September 28, 2009

Voi siete belle persone

You are beautiful people, for reading this. My Italian class is STILL sub par to what I already know, but that is okay because as for the rest of my classes, it isn't so.

I had my first university soccer game! Intramurals, I bet you all thought I was amazing there for a minute. But we did win 4-1 so there was a tad of amazingness. There was this really stuck up guys, you know those ones, who was their so called star player. I figured that out quite quickly and stuck with him. One time we fighting for the ball and I eventually got it from him so he tripped me, and there was a call (thanks ref!) and his excuse was that he didnt know how to defend a girl. Then he got hit in the nuts and left, its all good.

Its the first crazy week, my first paper due (10%), my first chemistry lab due, my first Italian quiz (15%) and lots and lots of chem work.

And a note for future reference. My biology professor has the same voice as kermit the frog, she could have been him for all I know.

Thursday, September 24, 2009

Feels Like Friday

It's a Thursday, but it really feels like a Friday. But I had a nice day. Woke up at 9:30, didn't get out of bed til 10 and then a fire alarm around 11. But that was alright too since a few of us decided to grab some food instead of stand around outside. Then a chemistry class at 1:00. AH! New stuff I have never heard of before!! Hybridization- combining orbitals and determining the VESEPR shapes of molecules. Gross. I had my first biology tutorial today. It's pretty good, my TA Stefan reminds me sooo much of my brother, Ben! Even though Ben and biology don't really mix and can't be really pictured, its like a biology version of him.

Now throughout this day, I have been emailing the President of my hall here in residence. And I would now like to take this opportunity to announce that I will be running for my hall council. Its true, here we go again. Another campaign, another election. The position is Operations Manager (sounds good for a resume, I know!). It's pretty much the synonym for secretary. I didn't want to dive in to quick, so I think its a good one for me.

Here's a line I quickly thought of today: "Need a man? Vote Brockmann."

Just let me know what you think AND any ideas you have!

Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get High. Climb.

After discovering that rock climbing was sort of a big deal here at Guelph, a few of us decided to head on down to the basement of the Athletic Center last night to learn the basics. It was awesome! Very relaxing atmosphere. We learnt all the knots, how to belay, all good safety stuff. We get certified next week.

This is my first entry from an actual school building! Im sitting in Mackinnion, a building for mostly languages and literature. It's getting harder to get up early, I have to admit that. But there is a good story for this morning...You see the weather can't make up its mind here. Last week it was freezing cold, and now this week it's been rainy, muggy and super humid. Since I brought my shorts back home this past weekend due to the cold, cold weather, I had to resort to a skirt today. As I was walking to my first class this morning, I decided to take a new route, which did prove to be faster. But this route required me to walk over a large grate. It just so happened to be at a time when MANY people were either walking to their first class as well or just leaving their super early class. And as I walked over this grate, I got the whole Marilyn Monroe affect and my entire skirt flipped up revealing EVERYTHING underneath. Now I'm probably over exaggerating a bit, but my bum was in plain view for 1.1 seconds!

Besides that morning fiasco, I get to take a nap today as it is Wednesday, my napping day.

Monday, September 21, 2009

Rainy Day

After I arrived back at campus last night after a weekend at home, I had some major reorganizing to do. My room was a mess! I sorted through all my clothes...again and tried to organize them into a more efficient means. I then had a whole new raft of food supplies, thanks to Mom, and had to find places for that! Everything SEEMS to have a place now and is under working order!

I woke up today and it was the first time I woke up here feeling tired. Weird, since that usually happens anyways but at my 9:30 class this morning I wasn't my usual exuberant self. MUST go to bed earlier tonight, or try to. (There wasn't even a fire alarm last night!)

It's a rainy day today which makes me thing first of the fact that the ONE thing I do not have is an umbrella. And it was immediately put on my "Things to Buy List". Don't worry, the only other thing on that is a green highlighter specifically. You see I'm very colour coordinated right now with all my classes; red/pink is biology, yellow chemistry, blue psychology, orange/black arts and science and green is Italian. But green did not come with my highlighter set! So I've been at a loss of green highlighting for the past week.

But I'm off to study for yet another Italian quiz taking place today.

Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Late Mornings :)

Tomorrow, I don't have class until one so I decided that a nap this evening wouldn't be so bad because if I never did get tired after I would still be able to sleep in tomorrow morning. At this very second there's some sort of party going on below and across from my room...its all good!

I found my favourite place on campus. Its a student run pub called the Bullring. It used to be a cattle showing building back in the day but was revamped into a little restaurant now. Wednesday nights are open mic and it was just so relaxing and great. A friend and I grabbed some nachos, talked and just listened to some pretty good music. It also has the best food on campus in my opinion so that helps out. But I really do need to wash some dishes tomorrow morning.

I just want to let everyone know that so far I am a 100% university student! I've written two quizzes both perfect, well biology was and Italian better be :)

Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Knew

Who knew university would be so crazy! Who know that there would be this much amount of work? Don't worry I'm not behind in anything at this point, just the realization of this heaping pile of papers and hardback books and labs AH, it blows my mind sometimes.

On other news, I won my soccer tournament this weekend! But even better news, I got to see my good old friend Steph. We caught up a lot and didn't even get to eat dinner due to the fact that we were talking the entire time. I already miss her (you).

Today I had four classes but the day went by pretty fast. But once the evening hits and there is work to be done, time somehow manages to go by even faster. My first ever university evaluation was today in an Italian quiz. Aced that baby, she didn't even have a chance. Seriously, I swear. Things are starting to settle now and people can actually be found in their rooms with books nearby. So routines and a sense of normalness is setting in.

I hope it doesn't get too "normal" or this may start to get fear I'll find something to report about.

Friday, September 11, 2009

Off Campus :(

I left campus today around 5:00 but that's okay because I got picked up by my Mommy! I have a soccer tournament this weekend in Mississauga. I packed during the day and was ready after my last class, Biology to leave for the weekend. After putting some dirty clothes in the car and putting some more food in my fridge, I took my Mom on a more detailed tour of the campus, since I know it better now. It was fun! Talking and describing things as if I've been there for months or something!

And our drive down here now was great too. I don't think I have stopped talking about different things; class, people in my classes, buildings, roommates, drama, all of the good stuff. It's been a great bonding night and it's only 9:30! And only the first day too!

Well I have three soccer games tomorrow should be fun, but tiring especially with homework in the mix.

Here are some pictures taken by the university from the pep rally earlier.

A Better Look at the Maritime Banner

Here is a picture of us "Maritimers" creating a classic Maritime symbol

Thursday, September 10, 2009

First Class

I had a chance to sleep in today, since I didn't have class until 1:00 but I couldn't! I woke up around 8:30 and could no longer sleep. I went for a really short run down the street of my rez and my IT band started to hurt...again. So I took it easy.

I spent the rest of the morning preparing for class. I was getting really nervous, especially when I got an email from my chemistry professor with an attachment of our course outline...12 pages long. Its ridiculous! Online quizzes, quizzes in class, online labs, labs in class, homework assignments, midterms, exams, AHH! There are 617 students in my chemistry class and I managed to perfectly find a front row seat! Didn't feel nerdy at all, felt pretty good actually. But as I'm getting ready to go to bed now I am really excited for my Italian class tomorrow morning. I looked at the vocab list for week one and let's just say it will be probably my favourite class! Buona sera, mi chiama Deanna. Io molto bene, grazie. I think it's pretty much there.

I ventured to the mall tonight to get some supplies to decorated my door. I will take a picture very soon as well as post my first day of school picture! It will be wonderful soon and I think my cork board is the only one in my tower actually painted, besides one of the RAs. And I'm ready for a good sleep now.


Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lab Coats and Liberals

Last night I found it too cold in my room, very odd. And had to get up and close my window. We had to walk across the entire campus this morning for another program meeting in the all girls residence, Macdonald Hall which is beautiful. And by across campus I mean a 10 minute walk, yes!

After I attended the President's Welcome ceremonies with three new friends. Somewhat formal, not that the students dressed up and inspirational (?) I guess. We then had lunch on a soccer field and took a look around some resource booths. I learnt about some more volunteering options and about international schooling!! I've narrowed it down to Ireland or Scotland!

Then I had to go take out money to buy my chemistry lab manuel, notes, lab coat and goggles. My very own lab coat and goggles! That stuff was supplied in high school! What am I, a doctor already?! I have decided I am going to design the lab coat with various iron on patches of the such.

I headed back to my room to then leave again to a "Volunteer and Involvement Opportunities Fair". Got some information on a lot of different organizations at and around the school. To a lot of peoples dismay, I joined the Young Liberals of Canada! It feels very liberating, I must say. I already get to go see Michael Ignatieff next Friday. I also signed up for painting a local home for teens in need and to volunteer at an elementary school. It's been a whirlwind today. As I was walking by the Pro Life booth some crazy argument was going on about war, religion and atheism. So that was somewhat awkward and didn't want to stick around there for too long.

I've been now trying to settle myself, get organized and ready for tomorrow, the first day of classes. I only have one but its chemistry, which is going to be a toughy.

Sporting the lab coat, goggles, and of course the Wuck Festern Shirt!

Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cold Nights

Happy Tuesday.
It's the end of a good day.
Today we had a BAS (Bachelor of Arts and Science) program meeting. It was awesome, I realized again why I LOVE this program! We then got free lunch from the Bullring, a student run restaurant on campus. Great BLTs.
I then convinced some girls to come with me to a tour of downtown led by Student Volunteer Connections. The tour was led by the MP of Guelph and we met the mayor too! There were only about 20 of us on the tour, very intimate.
After that we hung around the UC (University Center). I made two purchases today. A "Wuck Festern" shirt! And a nice scarf.
I then needed a well deserved nap and slept right through dinner, oh well saved some money. And I woke up in the nick of time to head down to watch a movie under the stars, Star Trek to be exact. Much better the third time. All in all, a great day. Looking forward to classes....ew.

Monday, September 7, 2009

Ow, My Feet

I tried to wake up this morning and head off for free pancakes but that didn't work and I slept in for a bit. I went out by myself to take some money out of my account because there's random things that I need cash for. And I proudly spent none of that money today!

Highlights of the day:
1. Made my first cup of university tea!
2. My feet are officially killing which is a good thing
3. Scavenger Hunt was fun...not thrilling though and did not even win
4. Ice cream trip off campus was pretty great, just socializing and such
5. WORLD RECORD CHALLENGE! so every o-week at Guelph, we try to break or create a world record. This year we all signed the main drag of campus with chalk. Largest group to make chalk art?
6. Found out about a pro life group on campus (that ones for you Tina!)
7. Only bought one meal today!!!

Tomorrow we start to get more academic with program meetings early in the morning. I'm about to walk just down a bit and check out the Christian clubs on campus, see what's up.

Pep Rally?

The day started with a relaxed morning and then a tour of the campus. I feel as I've almost got every location down now.

Then the madness began. At 2pm, for 2 and a half hours we, the 400 residents of Maritime learnt our "boogie". Yes a boogie. Involved many maritime based actions such as the crab walk and pirate chanting. At 5pm we all walked to the football stadium for the pep rally. Now its not your average pep rally. More like a Boogie Rally. Every hall in the entire campus showcases their boogie they learnt 2 hours ago. Everyone is yelling, cheering, all to be named as this years best hall. And we didn't win. And all throughout this spirited event I managed to obtain a nice sunburn, thanks sun.

Walking to the stadium as an entire hall

Maritime Hall!

South Love :)

And a presentation from a condom and dental dam!

The OVs (orientation volunteers) doing their boogie!

The Prarie Dog

A view of the crowd in the stands

And check out this clip here . Maritime is the first group you see wearing the light blue!

Tonight the first fire alarm came into effect. With many, many more to come in a residence of 1800 people. It lasted about 20 minutes. And that will just be amazing in the winter.

Saturday, September 5, 2009

Hey There Guelph

The very first day is coming to a close. And here is where the adventure OFFICIALLY begins. I wake up at approximately 7 am. Why? Because I could no longer sleep because of stress, excitement, nervousness, and just weird feelings. I finished packing with the help of mother of course, in a fairly timely manner. We had the car packed quick too! And left home by 10:30 I'd say. And the trip took about half an hour. JUST KIDDING. But it really seemed that way. Once we got into Guelph they had amazing signs directing everyone. Kudos. Everyone was so friendly and easy going. The student volunteers literally took all of my stuff and had to my room, on the top floor in about 10 minutes. Amazing! Unpacking then seemed to take FOREVER. Stuff had to be moved and it didn't all fit in the room and everything was so awkward to walk around but now, everything is pretty much perfect and just how I pictured it! We then went to a welcoming little speech from the president of the school, coolest man possibly. He has this adorable accent and seemed like a real person. Mom and Dad had to leave in a rush because I had a tower meeting at 5 so that was no good but everything went well. The meeting was held in this tiny lounge and we all couldn't even fit in it. People were sitting down hallways, up staircases. My but went numb, thanks to a two hour meeting on the floor. The usual rules and ice breaker games, all that jazz (I hate that saying). After we all headed for dinner, I got the meat lasagna! I have a feeling "Mom's Kitchen" is going to be my favourite place to eat. They have these amazing belt things that you put dirty plates on, its splendid! I almost forgot my purse there, and had to run back to get it. After dinner we all headed to watch a movie about wellness (sex, diet, image, health, all that stuff) I've never heard so much talk about free condoms before in my life! (Sorry Dad). It was the weirdest thing, made me feel like a grade 9 again. AFTER THAT, we were herded to a concert on the north part of campus but a few of us wanted to head back to our rooms to finish organizing everything, just relax. So here I am, the room is not totally finished but its there!

Friday, September 4, 2009

So Long

Bye for now, London.
We are about exactly one day exactly away from this crazy thing called Move In Day. And I'm not sure how I really feel right about now. It is 8 am in the morning and I am dead! Which is a good thing, meaning I actually went to sleep last night instead of thinking about countless, different university themed things in my head all night.

Today's events:
9:00 Haircut
11:00 Chiropractor
12:00-5:00 Last Day of Work
All night Packing....yay!

And I am positive I don't have enough big bins for all my stuff, but I will deal, I will! Saying goodbye last night to friends was so much more difficult than I ever thought it would be. I mean I'm only going an hour away, I'll be home PRETTY often (pretty as in once a month hopefully) and hello, technology. But it was so hard. We looked at past pictures from years dating back to 2004. I felt like I was in a movie, we were all separating and going through old memories. Just the weirdest thing. But here I come London, the last day!

P.S. I absolutely HATE, despise and all other awful words the dentist!