Monday, August 31, 2009

The Last Stretch

And there are now only 5 days left. Not a week, not even a month but 5 days. And what have I done so far? In terms of packing and organization? Well, not too much.

This afternoon I am leaving for a cottage in the Muskokas for a last little vacation. I will get back with TWO days left! Then I have a dentist appointment, hair cut and a last trip to work. And packing will be meshed in between all of that somewhere.

I've had math homework they sent me and now I even have a Chemistry quiz I need to take online tomorrow! This is intense! Here's my schedule for the Fall, for all you curious (?) people.

9:30-10:20 Italian Lecture
12:30-1:20 Italian Seminar
2:30-3:20 Psychology Lecture
3:30-4:20 Biology Lecture

8:30-11:20 Chemistry Lab
1:00-2:20 Chemistry Lecture
4:00-5:20 Arts and Science Lecture

9:30-10:20 Italian Lecture
11:30-12:50 Arts and Science Seminar
2:30-3:20 Psychology Lecture
3:30-4:20 Biology Lecture

1:00-2:20 Chemistry Lecture
3:30-4:20 Biology Lab

9:30-10:20 Italian Lecture
12:30-1:20 Psychology Seminar
3:30-4:20 Biology Lecture

Ahhh, there you go.

Wednesday, August 26, 2009


no way

it can not be!
let me fill you in.
Before the bands for my school's frosh week concert were announced, it was released that METRIC would be playing at Laurier, just a short distance from Guelph. Assuming they would obviously be playing at Guelph too, the answer was no. Mariana's Trench and Ill Scarlet. Ugh.

BUT NOW officially, on September 13 a mere number of days after Metric IS coming to our campus! AHHH!

Dreams do come true, they do they do.

Tuesday, August 25, 2009

More on Res

And there it is, the new home. Looks like a student prison but the trees give it a boost.

Here is the entire South Residence description as per the university's website:

"Guelph's South Residence is the largest residence complex in Canada! The three main buildings (or Halls), Maritime, Prairie, and Mountain, are shaped like inverted "F's", with each having four wings, whose names are thematic, based on geographic regions of Canada."

And now this is where it gets complicated. These halls (Maritime, Prairie and Mountain) each then have 4 wings by individual names. Those wings are then further classified into towers (3 towers for every wing). And then you have the usual floor and then number. AH!

A speaker at an alumni event in London said that on move in day it is a good idea to give your parents a name tag with the exact location of your room because they are bound to get lost. Well no kidding! And if that's the case I'm going to need at LEAST two name tags: Maritime Cove 2 Room 264

For the grand finale here is my mailing address! Please, I beg mail me something. Two words, a story, no words? Anything!

PO Box # 019264
50 Stone Road East
University of Guelph
Guelph, ON
N1G 2W1

I know some of you will now be thinking, oh no what has she done, someone is going to find her and do unthinkable things. But in all reality they can't even get into the building and who in their right mind is willing to walk all the way up to the sixth floor in a maze of numbers, towers, wings, halls and so on, using only the stairs?

Monday, August 24, 2009

One Dozen

12 days to move in
4 more days of work
and a few things to share:

Yesterday bought some essentials; awesome fridge with freezer!, kettle for tea making, shampoo, conditioner and some more picture frames. I guess buying tea would be a good idea for all this tea talk.

Just went for a longer run than usual/ever! But the combination of one of the worst head colds and eating nacho chips and salsa prior to the event did not even stop the amazingness of this run. It felt amazing! And is perfect for getting into routine to keeping in shape in midst of all the events beginning in oh, a dozen days

Sunday, August 23, 2009


Here is my official beginning to the official university blog.

Friends of the past, present and future, family and whoever you are! Welcome to a new place created for me to express feelings, emotions, questions, and thoughts about my upcoming year in university!

Goal: To have at least one entry per day about as much or as little (?) that has happened! And be prepared for gorgeous pictures of the campus! and my OWN room of course.

Please follow along, its going to be an adventure!