Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Mess Up

Soooo last night was awful! Im in charge of selling clothes for my entire hall and yesterday during my hours, when I opened two jackets were missing. I found out that no one had been in that desk since another member on our council the day before. Moral of the story there was some mad statements and a quite a bit of tears but everything miraculously turned out okay.

I had a three hour chem lab this morning after the whole fiasco at 8:30. But somehow I actually didn't fall asleep titrating sodium hydroxide into acetic acid... :| I even made my bed once I got back from the lab! Only two ish days until Stephanie comes to visit! And three ish more until Ryan!! It's all that's getting me through this week, I'm sorry to say. After an awful Monday I just want something to look forward and it's a pretty good something.

But off to finish an awkward assignment on Intelligent Design on trial!

OH! Semi final soccer playoff game tonight! Very excited for that too!

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  1. So you are saying you didn’t fall asleep mixing stuff up? Sounds to me like a fancy drink or something. Is that chemistry or a bartending class you are attending? Hope you win at soccer this evening and that the rest of your day goes well. :) love ya