Thursday, October 22, 2009


I just got my first midterm back....and I passed! And I will admit that is all I really care about that class. Passing. And that's okay :) Because in the grand scheme of things from 0 being not important and 10 being death of a very close loved one, its about a 2. (Yes I learnt to look at everything like this from a leadership conference I attended last weekend).

Only 3 more midterms to go, and the "I hate school" mentality has now suck in but I'm trying to get rid of it! I've been getting busier with IHC (interhall council) but I kind of like having no free time! Yup. For example I was busy with IHC oriented activities from 5:30 until about 11. It's all good! We get jackets and everything!

Going home tomorrow to get new glasses and you can not understand how excited I am for them. I will be in class looking at a power point and say "Damn, I can't see very clearly. I'll just pull out my glasses and....oh wait nevermind they're snapped in half Harry Potter style."

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