Thursday, October 8, 2009

The Plague

The Plague has stricken my floor. You know, you think to yourself "all this talk of residence sickness can't happen to me, I never get sick." It's a liar. Your brain is lying to you. I have officially gotten one of the worst coughs of my life and no longer can talk, seriously. I went into my washroom this morning, knowing I felt god darn awful and one of my floormates was in there. So I tried to engage in the usual nice chit chat. Oh wait, no, no freaking voice. I engaged in moans and squeaks instead.

More lighter news, I am officially on my Hall Executive. It is crazy busy, and I'm about to have no life :) Which is always best. My job is pretty good though, I'm in charge of agendas and taking minutes as well as sitting alone behind a desk for an hour everyday selling stuff. Not bad, not bad.
I GOT MY FIRST UNIVERSITY PAPER BACK YESTERDAY!!! OMG! You do not understand. My TA for this class has be known to be a dink. He's working on his pHD in you can already tell what he's like. Rambles on the most craziest stuff and thinks very highly of himself. He spent almost 45 minutes in class yesterday telling us all what we did wrong in our papers. We were told that our class average was a low 70 which "is good for a first year course". Oh bullshit, the other TAs told their classes that a low 70 was their LOWEST MARK. So I'm sitting is this seminar, thinking to myself "Deanna, it's okay, we'll walk out of this door with a 68 and everything will be fine. We will live and learn and university is supposed to mark like your a moron anyways." BUT NO! I get my paper back, turn it over, 85!!!! 85?!?! How the heck did this happen?! I didn't even get an 85 in high school english! That's right high school, you suck. So far from what I have been hearing, that is the highest mark in my class. WHERE DID THIS COME FROM? My brain :) Yup.

That is all for now, I swear there was another bad thing but I can not recall it now. Maybe it wasn't really that bad after all.


  1. You are such a smartie pants DD! I LOVE IT!!!!!! Brockmann's are smart, oh yeah baby!

    Another thing, one thing I learned that college was easier than my HS. I don't know if it will be the same for you but it was for me. Out of all my years of school my most stressful times have been my entire grade 11 in HS and my first semester my senior year of college. Yup, that's it.

    I think it helps I took music and I can do music so it could be different. I was graded on playing the piano, I can BANG that out yeah know?