Thursday, October 1, 2009

Another Adventure

I find myself in a brand new space for blogging; the new Science Complex atrium.
Its a nice, place. Makes you feel smart just sitting here. People are either studying alone, studying in huge groups or getting tutored. A few days ago, while I was studying here there seemed to be a scientific meeting the table near me. It was intense! People criticizing each other's work and each other's deadlines, but of course the criticizing was for "their own good".

In my arts and science class we have now turned and are studying Newton. My new favourite scientist. Brilliant and weird. But the perfect balance. Honestly there is so much he has done that the world doesn't know! I mean that apple story? That's not even the beginning. And maybe the DaVinci Code does go a little too far with him, but not in my mind. Brilliant.

This weekend, tomorrow afternoon actually, I am venturing to Ottawa! To see the boyfriend and his probably messy room that I will end up cleaning. (Weird, I know.) But there had been so much pain I have had to endure just to understand busing and train schedules. I even have to take a bus just to get to the freaking bus station! The travel agency place at my school doesn't deal with VIA rail so I had to do that one on my own. I just feel smarter from this travel planning than I do in class.

Speeches for hall council elections were late Tuesday night and I was the last to go. There were actually a group of people that followed me to support me! And they waited through all the speeches before mine. What kind tired university students. Voting is all week and I will officially find out the results next week I do believe. But I'm already involved! Yesterday I attended the first Liberals meeting, short and sweet just like the Liberal way :) We had to introduce ourselves, what program we're in and why we decided to join. I stood up, "Deanna, I'm in Arts and Sciences and I joined because my Dad is Conservative." And sat down. Applause everywhere! I was even deemed to have the best reason to join. What an accomplishment. After that 15 minute meeting, went back to studying and helped out my hall council with ice cream sundaes, fun but messy. Then we made banners for upcoming events until about 1 in the morning. Hello new crazy, busy, super involved university life.


  1. Umm excuse me... my room is not messy.... In fact it just got cleaned now, so there


    love ya

  2. Hmmmm ... so you had the best reason for joining the Party…just wondering if you are “Conserving” your money……. you may need it next semester …….

  3. hahhahaha this just made my day.... ps: are you coming home for thanksgiving?? if so come hang out for my birthday I haven't decided what i'm doing yet but either way we're hanging out

  4. Aw stephy! thats awesome! ive been thinking about the day of your birth lately actually! I have so much to tell you about my crazy plans for the future. Ill be home pretty early on friday i think.