Monday, September 14, 2009

Who Knew

Who knew university would be so crazy! Who know that there would be this much amount of work? Don't worry I'm not behind in anything at this point, just the realization of this heaping pile of papers and hardback books and labs AH, it blows my mind sometimes.

On other news, I won my soccer tournament this weekend! But even better news, I got to see my good old friend Steph. We caught up a lot and didn't even get to eat dinner due to the fact that we were talking the entire time. I already miss her (you).

Today I had four classes but the day went by pretty fast. But once the evening hits and there is work to be done, time somehow manages to go by even faster. My first ever university evaluation was today in an Italian quiz. Aced that baby, she didn't even have a chance. Seriously, I swear. Things are starting to settle now and people can actually be found in their rooms with books nearby. So routines and a sense of normalness is setting in.

I hope it doesn't get too "normal" or this may start to get fear I'll find something to report about.


  1. Aced that baby, she didn't even have a chance!!...
    Poetic Deanna, truly poetic,

    Keep it up!!

    Love you :)

  2. Glad to hear you are settling down and getting into a routine..