Monday, September 28, 2009

Voi siete belle persone

You are beautiful people, for reading this. My Italian class is STILL sub par to what I already know, but that is okay because as for the rest of my classes, it isn't so.

I had my first university soccer game! Intramurals, I bet you all thought I was amazing there for a minute. But we did win 4-1 so there was a tad of amazingness. There was this really stuck up guys, you know those ones, who was their so called star player. I figured that out quite quickly and stuck with him. One time we fighting for the ball and I eventually got it from him so he tripped me, and there was a call (thanks ref!) and his excuse was that he didnt know how to defend a girl. Then he got hit in the nuts and left, its all good.

Its the first crazy week, my first paper due (10%), my first chemistry lab due, my first Italian quiz (15%) and lots and lots of chem work.

And a note for future reference. My biology professor has the same voice as kermit the frog, she could have been him for all I know.


  1. Some like you are really busy... are you still sitting in the front row??

  2. It should be sounds! fat fingers and I can't type

  3. Uncle Wilf, do you have the front row rule too?