Monday, September 7, 2009

Pep Rally?

The day started with a relaxed morning and then a tour of the campus. I feel as I've almost got every location down now.

Then the madness began. At 2pm, for 2 and a half hours we, the 400 residents of Maritime learnt our "boogie". Yes a boogie. Involved many maritime based actions such as the crab walk and pirate chanting. At 5pm we all walked to the football stadium for the pep rally. Now its not your average pep rally. More like a Boogie Rally. Every hall in the entire campus showcases their boogie they learnt 2 hours ago. Everyone is yelling, cheering, all to be named as this years best hall. And we didn't win. And all throughout this spirited event I managed to obtain a nice sunburn, thanks sun.

Walking to the stadium as an entire hall

Maritime Hall!

South Love :)

And a presentation from a condom and dental dam!

The OVs (orientation volunteers) doing their boogie!

The Prarie Dog

A view of the crowd in the stands

And check out this clip here . Maritime is the first group you see wearing the light blue!

Tonight the first fire alarm came into effect. With many, many more to come in a residence of 1800 people. It lasted about 20 minutes. And that will just be amazing in the winter.