Monday, September 7, 2009

Ow, My Feet

I tried to wake up this morning and head off for free pancakes but that didn't work and I slept in for a bit. I went out by myself to take some money out of my account because there's random things that I need cash for. And I proudly spent none of that money today!

Highlights of the day:
1. Made my first cup of university tea!
2. My feet are officially killing which is a good thing
3. Scavenger Hunt was fun...not thrilling though and did not even win
4. Ice cream trip off campus was pretty great, just socializing and such
5. WORLD RECORD CHALLENGE! so every o-week at Guelph, we try to break or create a world record. This year we all signed the main drag of campus with chalk. Largest group to make chalk art?
6. Found out about a pro life group on campus (that ones for you Tina!)
7. Only bought one meal today!!!

Tomorrow we start to get more academic with program meetings early in the morning. I'm about to walk just down a bit and check out the Christian clubs on campus, see what's up.


  1. Very proud of you Dee... no mention of massive hangover yet...hope the girls on the floor great new friends.

  2. Oh DD!!! YESSSSS!!!! Yeah pro life clubs! Yeah Christian communities!

    In college and I think in life, I've definitely realized that I need those Catholic/Christian communities/people in my life. They encourage you to be your best in all that you do. :)

  3. Now that I have come to sad realization that you at this time will not be attending either of the two fine institutions that I attended (Western & Windsor) will I be subjected to the following type of songs…

    Just wondering :)

  4. i know! isn't that song awesome! i heard it awhile back when I first accepted Guelph :)