Friday, September 11, 2009

Off Campus :(

I left campus today around 5:00 but that's okay because I got picked up by my Mommy! I have a soccer tournament this weekend in Mississauga. I packed during the day and was ready after my last class, Biology to leave for the weekend. After putting some dirty clothes in the car and putting some more food in my fridge, I took my Mom on a more detailed tour of the campus, since I know it better now. It was fun! Talking and describing things as if I've been there for months or something!

And our drive down here now was great too. I don't think I have stopped talking about different things; class, people in my classes, buildings, roommates, drama, all of the good stuff. It's been a great bonding night and it's only 9:30! And only the first day too!

Well I have three soccer games tomorrow should be fun, but tiring especially with homework in the mix.

Here are some pictures taken by the university from the pep rally earlier.

A Better Look at the Maritime Banner

Here is a picture of us "Maritimers" creating a classic Maritime symbol


  1. Wait so you're going on a soccer tournament weekend? Is taht with London or with Guelph??? I'm confused.

  2. London! sorry! my team in London, its the last tournament of the year.

  3. Good luck this weekend Dee
    love you :)