Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Lab Coats and Liberals

Last night I found it too cold in my room, very odd. And had to get up and close my window. We had to walk across the entire campus this morning for another program meeting in the all girls residence, Macdonald Hall which is beautiful. And by across campus I mean a 10 minute walk, yes!

After I attended the President's Welcome ceremonies with three new friends. Somewhat formal, not that the students dressed up and inspirational (?) I guess. We then had lunch on a soccer field and took a look around some resource booths. I learnt about some more volunteering options and about international schooling!! I've narrowed it down to Ireland or Scotland!

Then I had to go take out money to buy my chemistry lab manuel, notes, lab coat and goggles. My very own lab coat and goggles! That stuff was supplied in high school! What am I, a doctor already?! I have decided I am going to design the lab coat with various iron on patches of the such.

I headed back to my room to then leave again to a "Volunteer and Involvement Opportunities Fair". Got some information on a lot of different organizations at and around the school. To a lot of peoples dismay, I joined the Young Liberals of Canada! It feels very liberating, I must say. I already get to go see Michael Ignatieff next Friday. I also signed up for painting a local home for teens in need and to volunteer at an elementary school. It's been a whirlwind today. As I was walking by the Pro Life booth some crazy argument was going on about war, religion and atheism. So that was somewhat awkward and didn't want to stick around there for too long.

I've been now trying to settle myself, get organized and ready for tomorrow, the first day of classes. I only have one but its chemistry, which is going to be a toughy.

Sporting the lab coat, goggles, and of course the Wuck Festern Shirt!


  1. All I can say is that I'm very jealous that you get to meet Mr.Ignatieff. Say hi to him for me!! :) haha

    miss you

  2. Congratulation on your “Liberal-ating” sense of accomplishment Deanna. Don’t worry, a more “Conservative” sense will eventually sink in (I hope..Haha) I look forward to many moments of correcting and pointing out the flaws that this group from academia will put forward as policy. Wait a minute, do they have policy…no the only policy is to dethrone the rightful government of the people. By the way in my youth I even voted for Trudeau…yes a scar and heavy burden I carry even to this day.

    PS. The lab coat looks great… not too sure about the shirt mind you.

    PSS. Love ya

  3. that was the most amazing comment i have ever read..

  4. I am soooo happy you are having such a great time. Missing you terribly and wishing you the very best.

    Love dad

  5. I like your t-shirt f'sho.
    and my sisters commencement thing at guelph looked just like that in that same place lol she says she hopes you love it as much as she did. and she also said to make sure you're picking good people to live with next year if you plan on getting a place cause she had crappy roommates in the second year lol
    have funn
    lovee and miss youu!

  6. OMG that was a hysterical posting.

    I love what your dad said. You're conservative sense will sink in I'm sure. Especially with having a Brockmann dad... my dad's has had a huge influence on me. not so much Margaret but we don't count her any more ;)

    Your video was SOOO canadian! I laughed out loud! Amazing.

  7. Wait a minute…You are saying that Macdonald Hall is an all girl’s residence. I thought you were in an all girl’s residence!! Should I send a memo to all the guys in Maritime Hall that I know how to inflict pain in a very subtle manner? Ask Ryan, we’ve had that discussion on a number of occasions.