Wednesday, September 23, 2009

Get High. Climb.

After discovering that rock climbing was sort of a big deal here at Guelph, a few of us decided to head on down to the basement of the Athletic Center last night to learn the basics. It was awesome! Very relaxing atmosphere. We learnt all the knots, how to belay, all good safety stuff. We get certified next week.

This is my first entry from an actual school building! Im sitting in Mackinnion, a building for mostly languages and literature. It's getting harder to get up early, I have to admit that. But there is a good story for this morning...You see the weather can't make up its mind here. Last week it was freezing cold, and now this week it's been rainy, muggy and super humid. Since I brought my shorts back home this past weekend due to the cold, cold weather, I had to resort to a skirt today. As I was walking to my first class this morning, I decided to take a new route, which did prove to be faster. But this route required me to walk over a large grate. It just so happened to be at a time when MANY people were either walking to their first class as well or just leaving their super early class. And as I walked over this grate, I got the whole Marilyn Monroe affect and my entire skirt flipped up revealing EVERYTHING underneath. Now I'm probably over exaggerating a bit, but my bum was in plain view for 1.1 seconds!

Besides that morning fiasco, I get to take a nap today as it is Wednesday, my napping day.


  1. "Today is my napping day" love it! nice entry once again!

    Love you

  2. Napping day??? must be a true University student... most of us have a napping day too.... It starts at 11pm and goes to 6am if we are lucky.

    So are you getting ready to be disappointed at the homecoming game this weekend???

    :) love ya