Tuesday, September 8, 2009

Cold Nights

Happy Tuesday.
It's the end of a good day.
Today we had a BAS (Bachelor of Arts and Science) program meeting. It was awesome, I realized again why I LOVE this program! We then got free lunch from the Bullring, a student run restaurant on campus. Great BLTs.
I then convinced some girls to come with me to a tour of downtown led by Student Volunteer Connections. The tour was led by the MP of Guelph and we met the mayor too! There were only about 20 of us on the tour, very intimate.
After that we hung around the UC (University Center). I made two purchases today. A "Wuck Festern" shirt! And a nice scarf.
I then needed a well deserved nap and slept right through dinner, oh well saved some money. And I woke up in the nick of time to head down to watch a movie under the stars, Star Trek to be exact. Much better the third time. All in all, a great day. Looking forward to classes....ew.


  1. why eww? I'm so pumped for tomorrow! Probably the only time this year I will be pumped for class.

    Love the blog, love you

  2. What did you find the town of my birth? I know NOTHING of Guelph. Sounds like the University community is really keeping you busy! I really have enjoyed everything you've written in your blog DD! Keep it up cuz!