Monday, August 24, 2009

One Dozen

12 days to move in
4 more days of work
and a few things to share:

Yesterday bought some essentials; awesome fridge with freezer!, kettle for tea making, shampoo, conditioner and some more picture frames. I guess buying tea would be a good idea for all this tea talk.

Just went for a longer run than usual/ever! But the combination of one of the worst head colds and eating nacho chips and salsa prior to the event did not even stop the amazingness of this run. It felt amazing! And is perfect for getting into routine to keeping in shape in midst of all the events beginning in oh, a dozen days


  1. Dee! Don't forget rad posters for your room!

    Dave asked me to send him a poster of Boston or Massachusetts...I want to send him this one..[]=tags&includes[]=title

    It blows my mind. :)
    has some SUPER cool art-type posters.


  2. those are awesome and it takes forever to look through them all!
    I have a few really small posters, I'm going to need to spend all of next week packing and decorating and such