Monday, July 20, 2009

My New Twin Sized Bed

And the room assignments are in.
Single for moi.
Quite happy but not the building I wanted, I really can not complain.
So looking forward to the fall, obviously the best season out there.
You get the warmth in the beginning as it slowly changes to chill.
Its beautiful yet not wet. And the leaves may be one of the best parts.
Comfy clothes are a huge bonus
All I can picture is drinking tea in my room in my comfy fall clothes, perhaps a scarf

For now


  1. a picture of drinking tea!!! who are you trying to kid... I see the following..... a frantic Disheveled redhead running in a million directions because she over slept from reading that book into the night, missing breakfast and running to the class which she is already late for. Bring the wrong textbook as she quietly slides into the back of the room against her fathers instructions which were to sit in the front 2 rows for every class with a smile and to act as if you are actually interested in the subject... we will see which picture turns into reality..

  2. i won't say that some of the above will not happen but i can say that cups of tea WILL be very present, trust me

  3. My dad had me sit in the front row of EVERY SINGLE CLASS! Torture, but it worked out great. Most of my teachers knew who I was :)
    Plus it encourages you to do better and pay attention in the front. Band was always a relief for me- I was in the 2nd row and could hide behind a music stand YESSSSSS.